An afternoon with Mynt 1792


Last week, Hayley, the lovely lady behind Mynt 1792’s Australian profile invited me into their Richmond based showroom to have a chat and see the upcoming collections for the brand.

You may have already  have seen/heard/read about Mynt1792, a big, trend setting brand in the US which has consistently brought out really update to date and impeccibly cut pieces that hit the high end of the plus size market.
Last season they even created a series of jackets specifically designed by a set of US Bloggers including Nicolette Mason, Franceta Johnson & Nadia Aboulhosn (which there are actually still a couple of available here on The Iconic)




So when Hayley contacted me about seeing the collections I could not say yes fast enough.  Hayley was kind enough to show me the blogger jackets and the past season up close, as well as their current collection and the upcoming S/S 15 season.



Mynt 1792 really covers a portion of the plus size market that I don’t personally think any other brands really grasp well enough. They are able to produce really top notch designs with the most luxurious fabrics, trimmings and materials and t0 their attention to detail is really second to none.



There is no other Plus Size brand that I have come across that can show Pleather that is just as soft as the real deal next to lace, prints, vinyl and colour.
The design team behind Mynt 1792 produces many different styles each season, with a combination of really strong workwear, great tailoring, flattering styles and a great party dress, which you really cannot say about many brands, straight or plus size.




MYNT17927Like really, how INCREDIBLE is this embossed houndstooth?!?! OBSESSED.





I have it on good authority that Mynt 1792 is going to make a really big splash on the Australian market very soon, I also got to take a peak at the upcoming Autumn Winter collection and boy oh boy is it good. Let me just say, get ready to say hello to leather, navy, prints and suedette in a whole new way.

Until then, you can keep a close on Mynt 1792 on The Iconic, I know I will.


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