leopard love


As the temperature drops here in Melbourne, and boy is it dropping quick, I find myself grabbing my jeans more and more.
Before moving to Melbourne I was never a big lover of jeans, but the longer I live in Melbourne, the more I realise they are inescapable. But you know what, I’m kind of getting used to them, and I do really enjoy wearing jeans more than I ever used to.
Plus, the more and more good denim options that plus size retailers are introducing does help.

Izabel23 Izabel24

My other love at the moment is a good drapey jacket, they’re my go to for these cool days and I find myself buying more and more.
AND this one was no exception, anyone who has ever met me, is well aware of my love of leopard and it was a complete must have.





What I Wore:

Jacket: Izabel London – buy it here!
Blouse: Asos Curve
Jeans: City Chic TDF Jeans
Shoes: New Look Wide Fit via ASOS

 Izabel29 Izabel210


Have a wonderful week! X


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