Aussie Curves – Pattern Clash


It feels so good to be back and participating in Aussie Curves again,

This week’s theme is Pattern Clash!
To be completely honest, I threw this outfit together in about 10 minutes, but I must say, I really love it, and its something that I think I will actually wear a lot!


I used to wear a lot of prints, especially floral and when hunting threw my wardrobe today I did find it really hard to find a clashing pattern.

I don’t know if its because I’m getting older or that now I live in melbourne but I found most of my clothing to be neutral tones or black and really only a handful of printed or patterned items.



I decided to go with something still true to myself and put together a subtle pattern clash, with the horizontal and vertical lines of my beloved Katies dress teamed with a geometric on my new white clutch.



I’m actually really digging this white clutch at the moment! I bought it frantically the night before the Curvy Couture Roadshow a few weeks back after calling every girlfriend in a 20km radius asking if they owned a Navy or White clutch person and after having no luck, dragged the boy to Kmart to search for one!
I happened to find this chunky white number for the bargain price of $9 and it did a marvelous job of holding EVERYTHING I needed for a full day of catwalk watching and shopping.

I stowed it away back in the wardrobe after the event but found it perfect for today’s outfit and think I’ll be using a whole lot more in future.

Who knew white was so versatile?!


What I Wore:

Dress (Worn Underneath): Katies – $49.95
Shirt: ASOS – $29.17 on sale
Clutch: Kmart – $9
Shoes: Target – $25




7 thoughts on “Aussie Curves – Pattern Clash

  1. awww, this is such a cute outfit I love it! and your shirt with the contrasting white trim is adorable ๐Ÿ˜€

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