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I have a confession to make, I’ve been a terrible blogger. I have done the one thing that every blogging how to guide and conference has ever taught. I dropped off the blogosphere. And as much as I would love to say that it was because I was busy jet setting around the world ala Zanita or Gary Pepper, the truth is I just didn’t prioritise my blog.

 I was in a really great swing of taking blog photos every single weekend and uploading new posts during the week but one weekend my partner and I headed off to Brisbane to visit family and we just didn’t have time to take photos. Queue a busy week of catching up with friends, and relaxing in the sun and a family member of mine got very sick and ended up in hospital. It was a bit touch and go for a few days and this blog and the DSLR sitting in my suitcase were suddenly the furthest thing from my mind.


Thankfully that family member is now much better and in the clear but it was really scary for a while there and by the time we got home I think all the stress of the week had overwhelmed me and when the next weekend came around I got tired. I didn’t prioritise my blog and its definitely something I regret. Even now just writing this little story I feel so much better. Don’t get me wrong, I thought about my next posts constantly. I have albums and albums of things to share but I just lost all momentum and motivation to blog. This is where the self doubt kicked in, I began to question why I wasn’t blogging, was it a sign that maybe this isn’t for me anymore and maybe I should just stop now.

It was then that I looked at the Aussie Curves page for the next few weeks of themes. I picked a week a few themes ahead and started to remember why I started this blog in the first place. The theme was “Celebrity Copycat” and I began to consider my options. I’m not a huge celeb mag reader, or a follower of any celeb gossip websites so I knew that my options were goung to be limited. I’m not a huge fan or Kim Kardashian and wasn’t too excited when I searched for other plus size celebs like Adele or Queen Latifah because their style wasn’t something I could really identify with. So I thought about celebrity bloggers and I immediately knew who my choice was.



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I don’t think I will ever really forget the night that I discovered plus size bloggers, I had come home one night after college and was trudging through the internet on my laptop. I somehow came across a few blogs who had links on their blogrolls that included Plus Size bloggers. I know it sounds ridiculous, but my world totally changed. Up until that moment I felt totally alone. I felt like as a fat woman it was totally impossible to be interested in fashion and style and then I found 3 women. Nicolette Mason, Gabi Fresh and Jay Miranda.

I must have spent hours and hours just trolling through their blogs; they had opened up a whole world that I didn’t even know existed, a world where trends didn’t end at a size 14. They were role models for me; they had impeccable style and didn’t have to be some skinny minny to do it. And they blogged about it! They had this enviable confidence and sexiness that I never knew was possible for a girl of my size and all I remember was just crying. Tears, big ugly tears, streamed down my face in a big avalanche of emotion. For the first time in a long time I felt understood and appreciated. These women lead normal lives, they had jobs, they had partners and their weight and their size didn’t hold them back. They wore sequins and prints and miniskirts and sleeveless tops and they lived in New York and LA and they looked incredible.

My whole outlook changed from that night and now looking back I can’t even believe that how low my confidence was and how much I thought my weight was going to negatively impact the rest of my life. No longer was I going to be some fat girl who had to settle for second best, I could be the stylish, fashion driven woman I had always wanted.



DSC_0597 DSC_0599

SO if we rewind about 500 paragraphs we come  back to Celebrity Copycat and really, after realising I wanted to speak about a blogger I knew it had to be Nicolette Mason. She was definitely one of the very first blogs I followed all those years ago and I still check her site numerous times a week. She is an exceptionally dressed woman and I envy pretty much every item of clothing she owns, and that adorable pug she owns too!

Nicolette is the queen of kitschy prints, she is not afraid of pink or a good skater skirt and her accessories and jewellery is always amazing. She isn’t afraid of mixing designer pieces with basics she plucked off ASOS or high street stores and she calls leopard print a neutral, we are practically soul sisters.

So I would like to think that I am doing my best Nicolette Mason impression this week, bouncy curls – Check! Fab handbag – Check! Statement pout – Check!

What I Wore:

Tartan Top: ASOS – $35 on sale
Skater Skirt: ASOS – $49.95
Sunglasses: Sportsgirl – $39.95
Necklace: Sportsgirl – $2.95 on sale
Handbag: Witchery – $50 on sale
Belt: Valleygirl – $9.95
Shoes: Rubi – $29.95




5 thoughts on “Aussie Curves – Celeb Copycat

  1. I totally understand how ‘real life’ can sometimes take a hold. I sometimes wonder how Gary Pepper and the likes manage to keep so updated as they travel so much. I always feel bad when my posts drop cause it seems that “consistent posts” is one thing that gets drilled at you when you’re a blogger. I think other bloggers understand though. Glad your family member is doing better.

    I love this post, Nicolette was one of the first plus size bloggers I kind of came across, and ever since, she’s always been a favourite. I think you did a wonderful take on her style, I’m LOVING that top!

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