I’ve been working quite a lot recently, which is good for the bank account, but not so good for my shopping addiction, which is actually also pretty good for my bank account, but hey, not the point I’m going for here.

I’ve been relegated to mainly online shopping, I’m pretty sure I’m ASOS’ favourite customer at the moment, but the vintage lover in me has been calling out for a good opshopping trip but I just haven’t had the chance. Along with the fact i’m still pretty uncertain where the good op shops in Melbourne are (feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section please!) my little vintage heart is crying out.



DSC_0507     DSC_0505

I started trawling the internet for quality online vintage stores, and after not finding too much, ie: only really finding places that stocked sizes 6-10 or that were wildly overpriced, I started to look at overseas stores that offered competitive shipping to Australia.

I stumbled upon Brag Vintage, a store that operates out of Yorkshire in the UK, and their range is HUGE. As a shopper who likes to browse the mens section as well as the ladies (hey who can pass up a great band tee or denim jacket?) Brag offers HUNDREDS of items, I spend nearly an hour browsing all the categories before deciding on this printed button up.




I’m still getting used to wearing red with my red hair, and I’m still kind of undecided on the verdict, but I do love this great floral print and I love that its on a red background rather than the usual black or white. Plus, it was only £16 plus £8.50 shipping which is equal or better than a lot of online stores.
**COUGH Forever 21 COUGH**

ANYWHO, I know i’ve probably said it 100 times on this blog recently but i’m craving the Spring and its warming sun but unfortunately Melbourne’s icy winter just isn’t quite giving up yet. I’m definitely planning on rocking a lot of these outfits once the sun appears again, I just love the idea of tying a good button up over a sundress, nice easy dressing, what Summer is all about.



Not gonna lie, the title of this blog post isn’t purely based on the colour of shirt. After seeing the incredible and all round awesome Tavi Gevinson talk at the Anthenaeum Theatre in Melbourne on Friday night, I’ve been slightly obsessed with Taylor Swift. Tavi spoke a lot about the idea of ‘fangirling’ and loving something that others think its totally lame is totally fine and awesome, so I like to think I have Tavi’s seal of approval on this one.

What I Wore:

Printed Top: Brag Vintage – £16
White Sundress: Tree of Life – $55
Bag: Mimco – $79.95 on sale
Shoes: Target – $20




4 thoughts on “Red.

  1. I loooooove Savers. As a recent Brisbane transplant, I had Brisbane Op Shop standard expectations of it but my mind has been blown! There is always something awesome, and it’s organised by size AND they have hearty plus size sections. I love the Brunswick one (because it’s about 2 mins from my house) but I’ve heard Footscray Savers is the Holy Grail.

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