Aussie Curves – Oversized



I had a lot of fun with this weeks challenge, oversized was never really a trend that  I particularly enjoyed but its definitely something that I’ve really started to get into.
I was always a devout waist cinched, flared A line or circle skirt kinda gal, I was certain that belting everything was the most flattering style for my pear shaped bod, and don’t get me wrong,
its definitely a style I still love, however my new love of swing and a-line dresses have slowly taken over my wardrobe.

So I decided to go all out with the theme this week; oversized dress with (an amazing, might I add) oversized print, oversized earrings and one hell of an oversized bag.




  DSC_0285 DSC_0289

I picked up this beauty of a swing dress through ASOS, my number one shopping destination at the moment. It’s not secret that I LOVE leopard print, any size, any colour, any reincarnation at all really. I have bags, shoes, phone cases and inumerable pieces of clothing.
This dress is from ASOS’s straight line, in a size 18, I think for ages I became so certain that I would only fit into their curve range that I totally wrote off anything in the straight line, so when this little number came in the mail I was overjoyed at how well it fit.
And ever since, I shop just as regularly, if not more often, through their straight sizes than the curve, never underestimate the power of something oversized to just float over your curves.



What I Wore:

Printed Swing Dress: ASOS – $43
Oversized Leather Tote: Deena and Ozzy via Urban Outfitters- $18 on sale
Shoes: Windsor Smith – $129.95
Rope Earrings: Mimco – A gift.


Also, just a quick mention of how freakin incredible my mani is at the moment?
My beautiful friends treated me to mani and nail art session at Trophy Wife Nail Art in Melbourne’s Richmond as a little birthday treat and I just love the result!
I’ve visited Trophy Wife before and Chelsea’s amazing work never goes unappreciated. I nearly had a car accident a few days after because I was just so obsessed with looking at them, whoops!
You can book your own appointment with Chelsea at Trophy Wife here.




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