Aussie Curves: Metallic

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I know, I know, I’m late to the game. REALLY late, like so late there is only about 5 more weeks of Aussie Curves but fingers crossed it continues so I’m not just randomly tagging along at the end.

I’ve admired the Aussie Curves ladies for what seems like eons. I love looking at how they all interpret the theme slightly differently. How one word can mean so many different things to different people. I’ve wanted to join in for months now, but I wasn’t quite sure how, whether I could have a blogging schedule regular enough to participate. But now we’ve properly settled down in Melbourne and our work rosters are fairly regular we’re usually able to set aside an hour every weekend to take some shots.

So, for my first week of Aussie Curves, we have Metallic.
I wrapped my brain trying to think of metallic things I already had hanging in my wardrobe, then it hit me. I had a shoot still sitting on my laptop from when I was back in Brisbane. My photographer and I shot two outfits that day, and while you can see the first one here, the second has remained unpublished.

I always wanted to save it until the right time, it was my last ever shoot in Brisbane and had a soft spot in my heart.
Tomorrow I actually fly upto Brisbane to celebrate my 21st birthday at a party I had to delay slightly to allow friends to finish up exams etc so I thought it was the perfect time to post these photos.

                                                                                                               last shoot 100last shoot 101

last shoot 094

last shoot 092

Looking back through them this morning makes me remember how hot it was, it was a full blown Queensland summer, it was hot and it was humid. I couldn’t bear to wear anything with sleeves, it was just disgusting, however it seems fitting that my last shoot in Brisbane was like that. It really just sums up Brisbane as a whole I guess, sweltering hot, bright and sunny.

 Anywho, onto the outfit!
I was searching for the perfect oversized tank for forever, I had so many prints and colours in my wardrobe, I decided that I needed a few monotone basics to pair back with all my prints. I found this metallic gunmetal grey number in Kmart of all places, in the mens section. I got the biggest size I could find (I think this one was a XXL) and it cost me all of $8. Perfect. Teamed with my favourite ever ASOS shoes, the amazing metallic silver just glistened in the sun.

last shoot 117

last shoot 121

last shoot 133

What I Wore:

Tank: Kmart – $8
Skirt: DIY
Shoes: Asos – $29.95 on sale
Rock Quartz Necklace: Tree of Life – $55
Arrow Earrings: Tree of Life – $39.95
Gifted from a friends recent trip to Africa

last shoot 138

Photos by Watson.

last shoot 140


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