I found this dress hanging sadly by itself in that crazy City Chic sale everyone in the plus size blogosphere went crazy over, all alone I had to pick it up, it was like it was meant for me;

Polka Dots – Check

Mesh – Check

Skater Dress – Check

Adorable collar – Check Check,

 It was so perfect, and I had instant dreams of wearing it to my birthday dinner a few weeks later. However it was not in my size. My heart sunk, I immediately called about 10 surrounding stores all to no avail. It had sold out online too; it seems everyone loved my dress as much as I did.

I called one more store, on the other side of town, as one last attempt at happiness and lo and behold they had one in my size. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten out of my pajamas and into my car so quickly in my life.



I have literally worn this dress non stop since I bought it, although the sleeves are only mesh, they do provide some relief from Melbourne’s icy winds and the thick fabric is a godsend.

As for my jewellery in todays post, a little while ago, the lovely Paula of Pieces of The Past contacted me about giving me some pieces to take for a spin. To say I jumped at the chance was an understatement.



Pieces of The Past specialize in hand made single and limited edition pieces, alongside some real vintage pieces too, all in a vintage rockabilly style.

Her collection is beautiful, starting with traditional rockabilly jewellery with a twist, Paula and her team are now venturing into rockabilly clothing, shoes and accessories.
(I’m already eyeing off a 2 piece green swimsuit and about 5 dresses)



 Pieces of the Past are a new, beautiful entry into the rockabilly market, with amazingly good prices, reaaaallllyy cheap shipping (From $5 internationally) and a fantastic range, I will definitely be buying from Paula in the future and I recommend you do to!

In saying that, Pieces of the Past have offered to give my readers a discount code to try for themselves!
Head on over their website and use the code: JUNE to receive 15% off your order!


What I Wore:

Dress: City Chic – $40 on sale
Belt: Valleygirl – $9.95 
Shoes: Rubi – $2 on sale
Pinup Acrylic Word Necklace: Pieces Of The Past – Gifted
Flower Earrings: Pieces Of The Past – Gifted




4 thoughts on “treasure.

  1. You are so gorgeous and I LOVE that dress so much! I nearly picked it up in the sales too, but went with something else. Kind of regretting it now!

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