the war of the roses.



I don’t think I have properly worn jeans in about 2 years. I am a die hard dress or skirt girl through and through and I just can’t seem to shake it. There’s just something so lovely and sweet about a great skirt or a dreamy dress, something that jeans just don’t muster up in me. However, as Melbourne cools quickly (more like at the speed of light) I had to break my jean drought.

As I’m not a jeans junkie it took me a while to find the right pair. I didn’t want to spend too much on something I might not wear that often, they had to be comfortable, preferably a dark wash and something that would work with the limited amount of tops that I own that aren’t designed to be tucked into skirts (which are few and fair between, trust me).

DSC_0106       DSC_0108

Thankfully a few weeks ago le boyf and I popped into Fashion Hayley’s Garage Sale and I went slightly crazy. This super beautiful, barely worn top from City Chic caught my eye and within seconds it was added to the mega pile my poor boyfriend was lugging as I pretty much wiped out the clothing section.

The top goes perfectly with my new jeans from New Look, albeit they are a little tight (DAMN CALVES) I will undoubtedly stretch them out with a bit of wear and tear. The jeans were an absolute steal at around $20 and will be perfect to help me brave the winter cold which I know is just around the corner.




ALSO, can we just talk about this necklace for a minute??
I rarely wear necklaces but when I spotted this one at the Dangerfield outlet I just couldn’t resist, the little mirrored soldiers reflect and shine as I walk and I just love it.

What I Wore:

Top: City Chic via Fashion Hayley – $15
Jeans: New Look via Asos – $20.71
Toy Solider Necklace: Dangerfield – $5 on sale
Black Ballet Flats: ASOS – $24 on sale




5 thoughts on “the war of the roses.

  1. Love this whole outfit! I’m not a jeans person, I just look odd in pants, but you make me wish I was jeans wearer! That necklace is awesome and such a great find for the price!

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