lemon crush.

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If you follow me on Instagram (username: Curvette) you would have seen this jumper a few times already. It is pretty safe to say that I am slightly obsessed with it.

I saw it a few weeks ago hanging on the racks of a Sportsgirl sale a little while ago and just couldn’t resist trying it on.

To be honest, I have a pretty love/hate relationship with Sportsgirl, first of all 90% of the time their clothes don’t exactly fit me, and that’s fine.

For a long time I would get upset at the fact that I couldn’t just walk into store, grab a blouse or a pair of jeans and just expect them to fit easy peasy.

 I know that stores that Sportsgirl aren’t designed for me, they’re marketed at the skinny 18 year old girl who wants a hot new dress for the clubs that night, or a cute top to wear to breakfast.

But is it going to stop my fat behind from shopping there? Heeellllll no.

I think when it comes to straight sized stores like these its all about smart shopping.


Is that top made from stretch fabric?
Then it will probably fit you, even if its a size 12.Trust me.

Does that dress have sleeves that are not even going to come close to fitting your arms?
Then cut them off, and rock it with a raw edge.

Love that dress but it won’t fit your chest?
Cut the bodice off, add elastic and made it a skirt.

Just because a company or a store creates something for someone who is a size 6 doesn’t mean that you won’t look just as good if not better if you wear it how you want to wear it.

Is this jumper a size smaller than I usually wear?

Does it matter because it’s the best jumper ever?

Make it work for your body, the way you want it too.

Make fast fashion work for you.

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What I Wore:

Jumper: Sportsgirl – $39.95 on sale
Skirt: Thrifted – $2.50
Leather Tassel Sandals: ASOS – $27

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3 thoughts on “lemon crush.

  1. Great Jumper! These shopping tips are pretty useful. I think I’ll use them of my favourite dress that barely fits me in the chest area and thefore is wasting away in my wardrobe.

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