so long brisbane.

So I don’t actually think I have said it on this blog yet, or even hinted at the fact, but exactly a week ago I packed up my life and my boyfriend and drove the 20 odd hours to Melbourne. I moved, away from family and from friends, from a steady job and a sure place to rest my head and took a risk. It was something that has been in the works for quite a while, but even now it doesn’t seem real.

It was time for a change; a change of scene and hopefully a change of career. After graduating in July, and hunting through the dismal design opportunities in Brisbane it was time to think about making the move. Once the decision had been made to move it was really a no brainer as to where we would go, Melbourne was an absolute winner. The atmosphere, the people, the general vibe of the place just inspires me, it makes me want to create and I love that. It’s something that Brisbane never really did for me, or not like this anyway. Unfortunately now I just have to play the waiting game and hope a job comes along that will help me bankroll this whole situation.

I will miss my hometown, my family and friends, and the total lack of traffic in comparison to the crazy constant traffic of my new town but hopefully it will pay off, and if not, I may be back in Brisbane in a few months, broke and starving, but hey, at least I can say I tried.


last shoot 168

last shoot 150

last shoot 144

last shoot 190

last shoot 201

About a week before I left I met with my lovely friend photographer and we had one last Brisbane shoot, capturing one of my favourite summer dresses that seems to summarise Brisbane perfectly, uncomplicated, bright and happy. 3 things I will miss about my home.

What I Wore:

Dress: Tree of Life – $39.95 on sale

Belt: Valleygirl $9.95

Shoes: ASOS – $24 on sale


7 thoughts on “so long brisbane.

  1. Enjoy the change of scenery. I moved from Bris to Geelong (an hour outside Melbourne). I’m loving life here. Lots of opportunity to layer and wear boots. Will you be attending Nuffnang in March?

    • Oh I didn’t realise it was on but it does look fantastic! Plus it would be fabulous to meet some beautiful Melbourne bloggers! Apart from your beautiful self (who I presume is going) who else will be there??

      • Bummer, Nuffnang postponed the event due to a major sponsor cancelling. My ticket was refunded. It’ll be later in the year now. Who goes? I know these people will most likely attend; Lady Melbourne, Candice from Super Kawaii Mama, Danimezza, Omega from Adjacent Fashion, Norlin from BaublesBubblesandBags, Ashley from This is Ashley Rose, Imogen from Bespoke Image, Hayley from Fashion Hayley.

      • Oh what a shame, I was going to buy my ticket on Thursday! But it will be just as fantastic later in the year I’m sure!

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