Mid Week Mini Post

Although I’m currently editing through the photos of the shoot we did a few days ago, I thought I would just fill you in on what’s been happening lately.

I’m not going to lie, this is the much more glamorous/interesting Instagram edit of my life of late, it may or may not be a whole lot of sewing, late night ice cream runs and Project Runway marathons.

An actual outfit post will be up next week, on Monday I deliver a really important presentation to see if I will compete for Australian Fashion Graduate of the Year so cross your fingers and toes for me til then!




1. It was my super babin’ boyfriends 21st. I don’t think I’ve actually seen so much alcohol in my life (there was about 3 times this).
2. I rediscovered my now undying love for raisin toast, oh my delicious buttery friend, how I’ve missed you.
3. My beautiful friend Watson took me to fashion week as my birthday present to check out the Australian Fashion Graduate of the Year competition which I will be competing for!
4. I had a girls weekend up the coast
5. I outfit-repeated these 3 combos about 100 times
6. Celebrated 6 months with my man but eating stupid amounts of churros and watching The Office
7. We also went down to the Gold Coast for a week and I took balcony selfies
8. Celebrated college progress by eating my body weight in Max Brenner
9. Bought THE best shirt from work, it has a llama on it, need I say more?

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