well suited.

Although I occasionally dabble in other trends, a little rocker goth, a little bohemian goddess, floral will always be my true home.
Everything from skirts, bags, shoes and jackets, nothing will get my heart beating faster than a good floral print.

As you can tell, this post was originally from a little while ago, during my awkward blonde/purple hair grow out faze.
Thankfully I am now past this stage and have relished in a long life dream of being a fiery redhead.
(Hey, the fieryness was always hiding there somewhere i’m sure)


Many exciting things are in the works and new posts featuring my fire engine locks soon I promise!

Also, I’m considering setting up some sort of sell-on page for my beloved clothes, my garment racks are crying out to be lightened and my wallet is craving some respite, so if anyone has any thoughts/tips etc let me know in the comments section!

What I Wore:

Top: Tree Of Life – $39.95
Jacket & Pants: Glassons – $69.95 & 49.95 respectively
Shoes: Rubi – $39.95
Belt: Thrifted – $4

Photography by Watson.


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