Trench Warfare.

This outfit has been my uniform of late, Brisbane has been experiencing
some crazy weird weather, cold and/or raining one minute, and balmy the next.
Even when we shot this the other day I had to eventually take the jacket off before I melted into a puddle
just around the corner from Winn Lane. (Ps. the cakes from Flamingo Cafe are AMAZING, definitely a must).

It feels quite strange being on practically permanent holiday now I’ve graduated.
Although I can’t really complain, I have spent most of the holidays sitting in bed eating
left over mash potato and watching re runs of Ellen, or gorging myself on cookies whilst finally catching up on gossip girl.
Yes, yes, I know, I have no shame.
(Side note: How goddamn amazing are those Decadent chocolate chip cookies from supermarkets? I would definitely marry them if I could)

However, something has been taking up some time. I’m very very excited to tell you all
that I have been nominated for Australian Fashion Graduate of the Year!

Even being nominated for this award is a really huge deal for me, I find production really challenging,
so for my collection, that was largely produced by me, to be nominated for such a
prestigious award, I was absolutely over the moon.

In order to compete for a spot at MBFF and a chance to be the Australian Fashion Graduate of the Year,
I had to extend my current 3 piece collection to a 6 piece collection. In order to do this, my college runs a masterclass
for 10 weeks for students to get this done.

I had a few doubts about doing this, but now I realise that it’s an amazing opportunity that I
would be crazy to turn down and I’m really excited about the future.
Woooo, future planning party times.

What I Wore:

Top: Portmans – $29.95 on sale
Skirt: Just Jeans – $39.95 on sale
Coat: New Look – £12 on sale
Turban: Sportsgirl – $9.95 on sale

(Just hanging out with my main man James Morrison)

Photography by Watson.


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