Playing Catchups.

Another busy week, so here’s a quick catch up what has been going on for the past little while:




1. My work got a totally new store!!
After slaving away at our tiny old store we got upgraded to the most amazing store. I’ve decided i’m going to live there, no one can stop me.

2. I ate dumplings at Brunswick Social, more than once, and not always sober.
I swear to god their BBQ Pork Buns are amazing whether your night has included Tequila or not.

3.  I had a newspaper article written my Avant Garde piece and me and it was weird but great.
(Also, it’s not too late to vote! Follow this link and vote away! )

4. Had a group of guy friends hiijack my car, only to push it around a shopping centre carpark one late Tuesday night.

5. I splurged a little on new MAC products, pretty new underwear and super skinny new jeans.

6. Headed down to Byron for Easter Sunday;
met up with some friends and just spent the day eating and shopping and wandering and soaking up some much needed sun.

7. Visited Syclla Designs HQ and got to play with some amazing pieces from the super talented Sam Saunders
(Featured post up soon I promise!)

8. Got away with wearing teal velvet and a full length fringed kimono to work.
Can anyone say: I love my job?

9. Attacked my poor unsuspecting boyfriend with the Robin toy he had just bought me.


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