An Ode To Vivienne.

I’ve wanted these shoes for longer than I can remember, I’ve loved them from afar, from up close, but heart breakingly, never from my own wardrobe.
I lusted over them, standing woefully outside the Melissa store, wimpering over the sweet bubblegum scent and wishing the winged beauties would flutter into my life.

When they were released I was a poor, unemployed 16yr high school student, and in no way in a position to buy amazingly ridiculous shoes for $400.
I was flat out affording a dress at Sportsgirl full price (let’s be fair, I still shudder at paying full price at Sportsgirl) , let alone the loves of my life.
After seeing a customer come into my work recently with a pair of fire engine red ones, my love was resparked, I needed them in my life, and I would die without them.

I  trawled the internet, ebay, private sellers, anything I could find, to no avail.
It seems as if once someone had a pair of these beauties they refused to part with them, understandably, once I had them there was no way I was letting these go.

After weeks of nothing except a few lookalikes from Russia and a handful of close contenders, my babies appeared. My size, in the grey marle and from a reputable private seller from the UK, and for 90 pounds (about $180) with shipping, it was a dream come true.

Top: Dotti – $19.95
Skirt: Thrifted from Savers – $4
Bag: Thrifted from Savers – $15
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood X Melissa – $180
Circular Moonstone Ring: Random jewellery store in Sorrento, Melbourne – $30
Quad Moonstone Ring: Tree of Life – $72
Rose Ring: Retrostar Vintage,  Melbourne – $3
Headband: Colette – $9.95

Photographs by: Watson.


4 thoughts on “An Ode To Vivienne.

  1. omg your skirt is the exact same fabric my old high school skirts were made out of! It looks way better than the netball skirts we had to wear though haha.

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