Mid Week Mini Post.

I have been a naughty little blogger of late, unfortunately I have been spending my nights cramped in my tiny single bed, surrounded by sketches, pencils, my laptop and about 8000 other random things that probably make me look like some sort of officeworks hoarder.

So another mini post again this week, unfortunately the last week has been scarily busy and I haven’t been able to write a proper post.
So I don’t feel like a total cop out, here’s what I’ve been upto for the past few weeks.




1. I found out I was as blind as a small, aging russian lady and had to get glasses. Seriously, choosing glasses is one of the trickiest things you can do, trying to channel Zooey Deschanel mixed with 50’s housewife is harder than it sounds.

2. I spent an increasing amount of time at The Fabric Store, seriously, if you live in Brisbane and you havent been here yet, go, even if you don’t sew, its amazing that Brisbane FINALLY has a decent fabric store, I feel like an ADHD kid in a toy warehouse every time I step through the door.

3. Had an amazing breakfast at Sourced Grocer to say goodbye to my dear friend Gab as she heads off to Melbourne to study, I miss her like crazy already and its only been a week or so.

4. My little goodbye note from Gab, which made me cry, she even drew a little picture of everyone!

5. I tried a Henna Wax Treatment. Seriously, if you haven’t tried this yet, drop whatever you are doing and go to Priceline right now. It makes my peroxide ravaged mane actually touchable and it’s the cheapest intensive treatment on the market. The tub costs $6 and my waist length locks only used about a 1/5 of the tub in one treatment. There are plenty of reviews on the internet already but my hot tip is to ignore the 20-30 minute development time and just pop it on before bed with a shower cap and let that baby soak overnight.

6. I started making my Final Collection, the be all and end all of 3 years of study, I will post more details soon, but for now, a little sneaky peak of my moodboard.

7. I finally ordered my “Fat” necklace from Natalie Perkins, I have loved this beauty from afar for a long time, I had seen it time and time again on other bloggers and wished whole heartedly that I would have enough confidence to rock one. When I saw the silver mirror ones go back up on the webstore I knew it was time, I have loved her from the minute she arrived in the post and I feel so fat and empowered and beautiful when I wear her.

8. My glasses arrived! I’m definitely still getting used to them, and I’m not ashamed to say that I have repeatedly tried to scratch my eye whilst wearing them, hurting my finger and smudging my glasses in the process.

9. Have experienced the bizarre Brisbane weather of late, I seriously feel like I should  take an umbrella, cardigan and my bathers everywhere I go because it constantly changes from 22° to thunder storms to 36° in about 3 hours, bravo Brisbane.

So there it is, my life in 9 hipster images, I super pinky swear girl scout promise that there will be a proper post next week, and if there’s not, feel free to chase me down.

Please don’t actually do that, I’m sure a friendly message would do the trick.


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