I love polka dots.
I love them.
There is no hiding it, I am an addict and there is no shame to my love.
I stare at them lovingly hanging in my wardrobe, every colour, size and shape, even looking at them puts a smile on my face.
I am truly obsessed, I have bags, I have shoes, tops, skirts, numerous dresses and countless accessories.
They have featured in 4/10 of the outfits posts on this blog and I am 100% okay with that.
This obsession is slowly spinning out of control, to the point where my life is becoming a hybrid of Zoeey Deschanel’s character in New Girl and a dalmation.

Speaking of Zoeey Deschanel, this week I found out that I am in serious need of glasses. Years of squinting and straining, hunched over lightboxes, sketch pads and easels have turned me blind as a bat and as of the next two weeks I will be required to wear glasses full time.


The prospect of choosing glasses made me queasy. So many styles, shapes, colours and tints. Having never had to wear glasses before made the situation that much worse that I had the poor Specsavers girl running laps around the store to find the perfect fit. As my style changes quite regularly it was particuarly tricky to find pairs versatile enough to match whatever hair-brained outfit I had thrown together 10 minutes before leaving because college work had kept me up until 3am and I had snoozed my alarm 8 too many times, but that were still nice enough looking I didn’t look like a grandmother on welfare.

I ended up choosing a Matte Black pair from the Gok Wan range with the slightest Cat Eye + a Deschanel-esque square tortiseshell pair for a more casual look.
(Both of which will feature in upcoming posts I assure you.)

Top: T By Bettina Liano – $40 on sale
Skirt: Thrifted – $8
Bag: Myer – $20
Shoes: Payless Shoes – $14 on sale
Ring: Diva- $3 on sale
Lipstick: Random chemist bargain bin in Pearl Fuschia – $3

Photographs by: Watson.


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