Fruit Salad.

I’ve worn this zesty (HA! GET IT?!?) little number more times than my best friend can yell “fruit salad” at me down the hallways of my college while I make an emergency trip to the coffee shop to buy banana bread in between classes this summer.

A cheap, summery, poor girl’s copy of Stella McCartney’s SS11 print, its light and short enough to wear during Brisbane’s sweltering summer but (hopefully) versatile enough to wear during winter with a thick pair of tights and a cardigan.

(Yes, I do realise that saying a dress printed with multiple lemons will be versatile is a tad crazy, but I assure you – and myself, it will be. Everyone loves lemons right? Right?)

After this collection, a magical fruit bowl of yummy prints appeared, from Myer to Sportsgirl to the delicious lemon printed tote that is for sale at my local coffee shop and teases me daily while I wait for the beautiful indie barista boy to make my Skinny Latte with one sugar, fruit swept the market. (No pun intended.)


This dress accompanied me on my recent trip to Melbourne, where I spent a week over the holidays. Spending my time wondering how it is actually physically possible for Melbourne boys to be so much more attractive than any male that lives in Brisbane and what would happen if I had just one more coffee from Degraves St. (An unsolvable mystery, and that I would probably explode, respectively)

If you follow me on Tumblr, you would’ve seen that someone spotted me in Melbourne, shopping up a storm in the amazing eden-like store that is Alice Euphemia during their mind blowing 50-80% off relocation sale. (Can anyone say Romance was Born for less than $200?) And I promise that I share my amazing purchases very, very soon, so keep you eyes peeled for that one.

Anyone who knows me, will know this bag. This poor, dirty, worn to death tote was possibly the best purchase I made on my last trip to the UK, Its thin £4 calico is slowly wearing thin and I will curse the day it finally dies on me, even though I have put it through hell.

Dress:  Tree of Life – $55
Belt: Groove – $10
Bag: Souvenir store in Liverpool, UK – £4
Sandals: Rubi – $17 on sale
Ring: Tree of Life – $8
Lipstick: Random chemist bargain bin in Pearl Fuschia – $3

Photographs by: Watson.


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