Higher Ground.

I’ve had this dress in my closet for quite a while now, I was never a fan of pleats, but I couldn’t help myself when I saw the combo of the lilac colouring and the pencil pleated skirt. Unfortunately the pleats have lead to a few quite embarrassing wind-related incidents, mainly in public places such as bus stops, city malls and pedestrian crossings, it really wouldn’t surprise me if most of Brisbane have been subjected to such displays of the awkward, terrified realisation that my dress has been swept up into a mini tornado like condition that only seems to occur to me.


So if you live in Australia, yesterday you would have experienced the joyful occasion that is Australia Day. Excessive alcohol, getting terribly sunburnt and listening to the triple j hottest 100 is all part of the allure, young men suddenly lose the ability to keep their shirts on and inflated pools overcrowded with girls wearing flag bikinis become a regular occurrence.

Fortunately I was lucky enough to bypass most of this by spending the day relaxing with friends, enjoying a few cocktails on the deck and listening to the hottest 100.

I was fairly pleased with how the countdown went, no surprises in the number 1 song, and I was very, very happy that the ever amazing Matt Corby came third. I was lucky enough to host a Secret Garden Party back in October and having him play at my house was the most incredible experience, his talent is raw and truly awe inspiring. I definitely urge anyone to go see him play; his live performances are out of this world.

Who did you vote for in the hottest 100? Any shocks?

Dress: Dotti – $19.95 on sale
Velvet Top: Just Jeans – $9.95 on sale
Circlular Necklace: Diva – $5 on sale
Tassel Necklace:  Colette – $9.95
Stud Bracelet: Cotton On – $5
Chain Bracelet:  Handmade
Shoes: Thrifted – $1

Photographs by: Watson.


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