The Leather Miracle.

When I saw this skirt hanging in the back of an Outlet store down the coast about a week ago I nearly lost it.
Like some sort of clearance centre mirage it’s soft leather illuminateed under the terrible fluroescent light and I nearly pushed my own mother out of the way to get to it.
Surely it was too good to be true; high waisted skater skirt, not too short like any online alternatives (ASOS, I’m looking at you)
and it was made from 100% super buttery soft leather.

And the best was yet to come: It was on sale. Super sale. Like so cheap you double take when the sales assistant monotonely states the final price, you smirk to yourself,
not saying anything just in case it’s a computer error and you leg it out of the store like you’ve just stolen a wad of cash from an old lady.


But of course, this skirt had a catch. A downfall.
My perfect skirt, my dream skirt, my one and only, was in a size 12.
My heart sank, a 12, no bigger, I triple checked, hoping for the last letter to magically turn into a 4, or better still a 6.
I held it up, pulled it across my waist and looked to my shopping companion for hope. She gave me nothing, but I insisted I try it on just in case, it was too good to give up on.

5 minutes later I returned from the change room triumphant, it fit!
I don’t know how,  possibly some sort of Sisterhood of the Travelling Skirt magic shit , but it did and it is glorious.

Unfortunately my holidays are slowly coming to an end, the last few weeks have mainly consisted of me spending as much time
as possible sleeping, drinking bottles of champagne, stuffing myself with dumplings and ghetto dancing to Kanye.
Oh and I am currently in Melbourne, soaking up a little culture, eating far too much food and doing stupid amounts of
shopping (Can anyone say Topshop?) before I have to go back to the real world in about a weeks time.

Singlet: Sass & Bide – $15 on sale (Another amazing sale piece)
Leather Skirt: Just Jeans – $39.95 on sale
Wedges: Therapy – $20 on sale
Sunglasses: Dotti – $19.95
Ring:  Tree of Life – $8

Photographs by: Watson.


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