Stay Young, Go Dancing.

I bought this brunch coat in the most amazing vintage store in Auckland nearly a year ago to date. It was called Peachy Keen and still stands as one of my favourites of all time.
I had met the owner the day before at Real Groovy, a record store synonymous in Auckland, when I wandered into the small concession he had set up behind the rows and rows of cd’s and vinyls.

He told me that I looked like Snow White (I was obviously not a ginger at the time) and gave me the address of the vintage store on the back of an old business card.


When I walked in I fell in love, a love deeper than anything I will probably ever share with another human being.
Not only was it the most amazing vintage store I had ever been in, walls and walls of 50s prom dresses, leather pants and oversized 80s band shirts, they were having a clearance sale so most things were under $30.

I must have spent over an hour just trying things on, and eventually had to limit myself to this brunch coat, a fire engine red prom dress (which I am still saving for my 21st) and a black and white kilt that I wear as a skirt on the very few cold days of winter in Brisbane.

I rarely pull this baby out, but when I do I am greeted by equal numbers of comments on how amazing it is, to questions as to whether I forgot to get changed out of my pyjamas this morning, I like to take that as a positive.


My dad bought me this bracelet for Christmas last year and it would definitely be one of my most treasured possessions. You only need to ask my friends for them to tell you I am obsessed with Alexander McQueen and seeing this beautiful cuff glistening in its box when I opened it on Christmas morning nearly made me wet myself. I still keep it in its dust bag and box when I’m not wearing it and I know that I will have it until the day I die.
Who am I kidding? I’ll probably be buried in it.

Dress: Temt – $24.95
Vintage Brunch Coat: Peachy Keen, Auckland – $20 on sale
Flats: Rubi – $5 on sale
Cuff: Alexander McQueen, Net-A-Porter – $250
Necklace: Diva – $5 on sale
Earrings: Diva – $1 on sale
Plaited Bracelet: Diva –  $10

Photographs by: Watson.


5 thoughts on “Stay Young, Go Dancing.

  1. I really enjoy looking at your pictures, your fun outfits, and your sunny smile. 🙂 You have beautiful hair and all-around-style. Glad I found your blog – thanks!

    Cathy in Missouri

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