As 2012 has arrived quite faster than I had expected, I wanted to have a little look back on the year that was and just how many amazing experiences I’ve had.

I moved out of home, worked backstage at Laneway festival and met some of my favourite bands, got my amazing job at Tree of Life, went on holidays, turned 19, created my first ever collection and saw my designs come down a runway.
I modelled in the Gisela Ramirez runway launch and met some of the most beautiful and confident women I have ever met, had a Matt Corby Secret Garden Show in my backyard, partied on a hotel rooftop with These Kids Wear Crowns and met some amazing new people who are now some of my best friends.

Sometimes it’s not until you look back on the year that was and realise how lucky you are. I’ve had some amazing opportunities and I realise that sometimes I’m not as thankful as I should be for everything that happens.
Hello New Year’s Resolution: Be more thankful.

The most recent of which would be the Kooks concert I attended this week, to which I wore this little polka dot number.
The Kooks have been one of my favourite bands for many years, and I have many memories of early bus trips to school listening to Matchbox or crying over I Want You Back because somehow it managed to match whatever pathetic direction my love life was going in when I was 14.
God knows.

They were such a fantastic band to see live, Luke was exactly how I imagined him to be, energetic, charismatic, oh and the amazing Sussex accent didn’t hurt either.
I like to think that wearing this bright purple polka dot dress (mixed with our goofy dancing) was the reason he noticed my friend and I up on the balcony and continued to make extended eye contact throughout the rest of the set. Life officially made.


Dress: Vintage – Gifted from family
Belt: Thrifted – $4
Heels: Rubi – $2 on sale
Skull Necklace: Diva – $5 on sale
Tassel Necklace: Colette – $10
Earrings: Diva – $1 on sale

Ring: Vintage – Gifted from my mother

Photographs by: Watson.


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