I Can’t Do Casual.

There it is, I’ve said it. I find dressing casually near – impossible.
Jeans and t-shirts are nerve racking, shorts make me tense and even the thought of thongs leave me in a cold sweat.
On average I spend between 25 & 30 hours a week at tafe, 15 hours at work and the rest either sleeping, eating or occasionally, on special occasions, doing some terrible vodka-induced dancing at local bars.
Therefore when it comes to a casual outing I’m left to wear my usual TAFE – hobo chic look, or whatever else I can muster up, which, more often than not, leaves me wearing a cocktail dress at a barbeque.


This outfit is a very pathetic excuse of “casual”.
For some reason I seem to think that wearing sunglasses therefore means casual, which is terribly flawed logic for the 10 hours a day that are in fact night time.
With the exception of said sunglasses, I wore this outfit to my work Christmas party last week, a nice casual evening at my boss’s house, which clearly to me meant: heels, red lipstick and a clutch bag.

Bravo Taylor, you’ve done it again.

Dress: Sunnygirl – $19 on sale
Tie-Up Overshirt: jp Warehouse –  $10  (otherwise known as that dodgy $19 shop off the mall.)
Wedges:Famous Footwear – $20
Clutch: Thrifted from Cream on Crown, Sydney – $10
Necklace: Handmade
Earrings: Tree of Life – $5
Moonstone Ring: Tree Of Life – $72
Sunglasses: Dotti – $19.95
Lipstick: Lancôme.

I had nearly forgotten I owned this bag until about a week ago before a friend showed me her most recent
purchase from the amazing Sydney thrift institution that is Cream on Crown.
I remember when I found this bag, buried deep at the bottom of a bargain bin, my eyes actually lit up when I felt the cool glomesh against
my skin. Yeah I’m pretty lame sometimes.

Photographs by: Watson.


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