This is my fall back dress. It’s the one I bring out if I’ve reached the wardrobe crisis point.
We all know the one, screaming on the floor, verging on tears because we apparently have nothing to wear.
Vowing that everything is way too short, too long, too bright, far too black, not perfect.

In said times of crisis, this dress is always the saviour.

Coffee with a cute boy? This dress.
Movies with the grandparents? This dress.
Margaritas with the girls because coffee boy wasn’t nearly as cute as previously thought? This dress.

The amount of times I’ve had random people come up to me and touch this dress is kind of out of control.
I guess I should be used to it by now, the fabric resembles the most beautiful blue tapestry, but in reality its only a really thin polyester,
perfect for the temperamental summer that Brisbane seems to be experiencing at the moment.
Raining and 18 degrees one minute, 35 and blister-inducing the next.


In fact, If you follow me on Tumblr, you would’ve seen I wore this outfit to my amazing friend, Kate’s art exhibition last week.
As much as I adore my course, I forget how much I realise I miss my friends throughout the term.
TAFE just seems to suck me bare of any social life, and towards crunch time I end up spending most nights sewing like a maniac
or hunched over my laptop trying to use it as a makeshift light box.
I’ve been known to lure friends over, only to get them to sew beads onto belt buckles or unpick seams. Yeah, I’m that person.

Dress: Retrostar Vintage, Melbourne – $49
Velvet Belt: Thrifted – $4
Wedges: Rubi – $20 on sale
Lipstick: Lancôme.


Thin silver: Gifted from Portmans
Antique Silver: Gifted from a family friend’s trip to Egypt.

Photographs by: Watson.


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