The No Shows.


Is it terrible that the highlight of my week is often going to Trivia on a Tuesday night with 7 quite nerdy boys?
Is it worse that it’s always followed by getting celebratory ice cream and screaming Strokes lyrics out of the back of a Holden Vectra?
Maybe my knowledge of obscure 80’s popstars and London airports will finally come in handy and until then I plan on just coasting along and pretending I’m a helpful addition to the team.

I feel that I’ve worn this outfit about 100 times this past week, the pants are the comfiest things in the entire world, and even though the fact I bought them from Katies makes me feel about 50 years old, you really can’t argue with a stretch waistband.

Top: Random Morningside Op Shop – $4
Pants: Katies – $10 on sale
Wedges: Rubi – $20 on sale
Necklace: Equip – $4 on sale


Moonstone Ring: Tree of Life – $72
Floral Skull: Diva – $10
Horse: Tree of Life – $49.95

Photographs by: Watson.


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