Rainy Daze

well here it is, the beginning.
for some reason i decided that shooting my first blog post on the coldest day in brisbane in 123 years would be a good idea.
bad omen? who knows, hopefully not.

managing to find shelter from the hypothermia inducing rain was tricky, resorting to alleys where likely drug deals were occuring ended up being our only option, strangely enough it was the two teenagers with a camera getting weird looks rather than the two very dodgy looking men.
go figure.


Blouse: Vintage Target – $15
Mini Skirt: Kmart – $10
Tights: St. Pauls at Big W – $11/pk of two.
Loafers: Dotti – $25 on sale
Belt: Vintage QANTAS Crew Uniform – $4

Photographs by: Watson.


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