Aussie Curves – Body Con



Happy Easter Lovelies!
I hope that everyone is enjoying their long weekend and spending time with their loved ones and gorging themselves on LOTS of chocolate, I know I am!

This week on Aussie Curves is Body Con and I couldn’t wait to share one of my current wardrobe staples, my Forever 21 pencil skirt and new favourite ASOS Blouse.



As soon as I saw this wonderful citrus/olive blouse on ASOS Curve as a new release, I put it into my bag IMMEDIATELY.
Usually I sit on an item in my saved list for weeks and I ponder over what I would wear it with, and where, but this item I just couldn’t resist. It was a must have.


I’ve teamed my new fave blouse with this great little pencil skirt from Forever21 on my last haul from the overseas retailer.
I love the mesh panels and the thick scuba fabric.


What I Wore:

Blouse: ASOS Curve: $54.95
Pencil Skirt: Forever21+ – $12 on sale
Shoes: Target – $40


What is your favourite body con piece in your wardrobe?

Aussie Curves – Pattern Clash


It feels so good to be back and participating in Aussie Curves again,

This week’s theme is Pattern Clash!
To be completely honest, I threw this outfit together in about 10 minutes, but I must say, I really love it, and its something that I think I will actually wear a lot!


I used to wear a lot of prints, especially floral and when hunting threw my wardrobe today I did find it really hard to find a clashing pattern.

I don’t know if its because I’m getting older or that now I live in melbourne but I found most of my clothing to be neutral tones or black and really only a handful of printed or patterned items.



I decided to go with something still true to myself and put together a subtle pattern clash, with the horizontal and vertical lines of my beloved Katies dress teamed with a geometric on my new white clutch.



I’m actually really digging this white clutch at the moment! I bought it frantically the night before the Curvy Couture Roadshow a few weeks back after calling every girlfriend in a 20km radius asking if they owned a Navy or White clutch person and after having no luck, dragged the boy to Kmart to search for one!
I happened to find this chunky white number for the bargain price of $9 and it did a marvelous job of holding EVERYTHING I needed for a full day of catwalk watching and shopping.

I stowed it away back in the wardrobe after the event but found it perfect for today’s outfit and think I’ll be using a whole lot more in future.

Who knew white was so versatile?!


What I Wore:

Dress (Worn Underneath): Katies – $49.95
Shirt: ASOS – $29.17 on sale
Clutch: Kmart – $9
Shoes: Target – $25



my break from blogging.

First of all, and excuse my french, but can I just say how f***ing awesome it feels to be back in the blogging game.

I’ve been sitting out for months now, feeling uninspired, unmotivated and unhappy.
Unhappy with how I had been blogging and how I was feeling about it in general, unhappy with my appearance and how my style had changed and generally just unmotivated to write and to blog.

It became a chore, something I never wanted to happen. I found myself dredding going and taking photos, procrastinating and putting it off and it was at this time I decided to take a break.

I never expected or anticipated that it would take this long to come back, and I have undoubtedly lost readers and possible opportunities I am aware of that, but I needed to walk away, just for a little while to make sure that I was in it for the right reasons.

Blogging used to make me happy, but I became reluctant to do it and every week extended out to fortnightly and then monthly and then before I knew it it had been nearly 6 months and I was devestated.

I was annoyed at myself for being lazy and letting it go so long, opportunities from companies left unopened in my inbox and I became ashamed that I had let it go so long and the longer I left it, the harder it was to come back.

It wasn’t until I was at the Curvy Couture Roadshow last week (my post from the day WILL be up soon, I promise) that I really found myself missing the blogging world, I met my blogging idols, Danimezza, iCurvy, Suger Coat It and I really missed being a part of that community again.
I missed participating in Aussie Curves challenges and I missed an excuse to get dressed up and take photos in my garden for no real reason.
I knew it was time to come back.

Then when I was contacted by the lovely ModStylists from ModCloth (Click here to read the full post) to put a post together I knew it wasn’t too late, it was an offer and an opportunity to work with a brand I truly loved and I knew that if I ignored this email, like so many others, that I may as well close the doors of Vintage Curvette forever, and to be perfectly honest I’m so, so glad that I didn’t.

And now I’m back, and I’m not going to promise that I will never take a break again nor will I be posting twice a week every week, but I’m back, and for now, happy.

Some things on the blog may change, but for now, I’m excited to be back, I find myself taking lots of photos and planning extra things I can present on the blog and I’m happy that I’m excited and driven and I hope you are too.

For those of you who have stuck by Vintage Curvette, I thank you so much. Without my readers I would have no-one to write to and I’m so grateful that you didn’t give up on this blog and neither did I.

See you really soon,

Taylor aka Vintage Curvette


My Welcome Back with Wanelo!

I haven’t blogged in a long time, I know, I know.

And i’m not going to spend the next 20 paragraphs explaining why, that’s a story for another time, but when I was contacted by Modcloth to put a little collage together using the new Wanelo website I took it as a sign.



It’s no surprise that I ADORE Modcloth, I have a few pieces from them already and have about 50 items sitting in my aptly named “Love List”.
I have posted a few Curvette Covets posts before, its no secret I love putting outfits together, both in real life and in my head.

And I must say, I have really enjoyed spending the last few days browsing through Wanelo’s Modcloth pages and dreaming up new outfits.

The lovely Modstylists assigned me a starting piece of an amazing plus size swimsuit, the Fruity Suity One Piece in Plus Size, which is quite ironic considering Melbourne’s current absolutely miserable weather and asked me to create a look around it using the latest Modcloth pieces and Wanelo’s app and website.


I must say, it was quite wonderful dreaming up wonderful summer outfits around this swimsuit on my dismal train rides into work.

Modcloth has really upped their swimwear game lately, It’s just really wonderful that finally high street retailers and online stores are focusing on fashion forward and on trend plus size wears rather than the usual boring cover ups.

One of my favourite things about Modcloth at the moment if the fact that most of their swimsuits come in straight and plus size, cut perfectly for the curvy girl but not cutting back on cute details and sweet prints. (Heeelloooo cherry print anyone?!)

So after playing around with the Wanelo app on my iPhone for the good part of an hour (or maybe 2) I’ve come up with my dream outfit to match this swimsuit.

I couldn’t not bypass the amazing retro cherry print of this swimsuit and decided to take a strong 50′s vibe to my styling.
I adore the top half of the swimsuit and really wanted to create a look that was appropriate for straight out of the beach right upto lunch or maybe even dinner and dancing later.


Of course I don’t expect anyone to wear this day to day (and if you would, I salute you) but I’m imagining it somewhere warm and steamy, on a great summer vacation with the ease of jumping out of some crystal blue water somewhere, drying off and popping on some stellar accessories to go and dance the night away with a handsome man and a very large Mohito.

I’ve teamed the Fruity Suity One Piece with the Office Envy Skirt, the Anchors Sashay Wedge and the Bygone Beaches Bag.
To top off my look, I’ve teamed these items with a remarkably large hat (a girl’s gotta be Sun Safe right?) and a slick of my favourite red at the moment, LimeCrime Velvetines in Red Velvet.

So what do you think? How would you style this little number?

Leave any feedback in the comments below, I really loved using Wanelo and definitely think i’ll use it in future, if you want to give Wanelo a go yourself, have a gander over at Wanelo and enjoy pulling your own collections together!

This post is hosted by Modcloth & Wanelo, all opinions are my own.

Aussie Curves – Retro



The minute I spotted this dress hanging on the racks at work my heart skipped a beat, the print, the cut and the fabric was all so incredibly perfect I knew it had to be mine. I think I also love this dress so much because it seems to envisage some sort of Clueless/Wizard of Oz hybrid which is so up my alley it’s not even funny.

I originally meant to use this dress for Pink week here at Aussie Curves, but time got away from me and I couldn’t get a post out in time. Thankfully Retro week was right around the corner and this dress got its day in the sun. It’s beautiful cotton fabric and not-too-short length will make it my go to summer dress and I’m currently teaming it with a cardigan to wear it as much as possible while it’s still cool.

DSC_0640    DSC_0643


I’ve kept it short and sweet this week, and kept my look nice and simple. Trust me, I am a keen believer in more is more when it comes to accessories but sometimes the simplest outfits are the best. PS. Do you like this week’s cat photobomb? Our housemates cat Peanuts has taken a liking to us and likes to follow us wherever we go, including our blog shoots!

What I Wore:

Gingham Dress: Tree of Life – $55
Shoes: Rubi – $9.95 on sale





Aussie Curves – Celeb Copycat




I have a confession to make, I’ve been a terrible blogger. I have done the one thing that every blogging how to guide and conference has ever taught. I dropped off the blogosphere. And as much as I would love to say that it was because I was busy jet setting around the world ala Zanita or Gary Pepper, the truth is I just didn’t prioritise my blog.

 I was in a really great swing of taking blog photos every single weekend and uploading new posts during the week but one weekend my partner and I headed off to Brisbane to visit family and we just didn’t have time to take photos. Queue a busy week of catching up with friends, and relaxing in the sun and a family member of mine got very sick and ended up in hospital. It was a bit touch and go for a few days and this blog and the DSLR sitting in my suitcase were suddenly the furthest thing from my mind.


Thankfully that family member is now much better and in the clear but it was really scary for a while there and by the time we got home I think all the stress of the week had overwhelmed me and when the next weekend came around I got tired. I didn’t prioritise my blog and its definitely something I regret. Even now just writing this little story I feel so much better. Don’t get me wrong, I thought about my next posts constantly. I have albums and albums of things to share but I just lost all momentum and motivation to blog. This is where the self doubt kicked in, I began to question why I wasn’t blogging, was it a sign that maybe this isn’t for me anymore and maybe I should just stop now.

It was then that I looked at the Aussie Curves page for the next few weeks of themes. I picked a week a few themes ahead and started to remember why I started this blog in the first place. The theme was “Celebrity Copycat” and I began to consider my options. I’m not a huge celeb mag reader, or a follower of any celeb gossip websites so I knew that my options were goung to be limited. I’m not a huge fan or Kim Kardashian and wasn’t too excited when I searched for other plus size celebs like Adele or Queen Latifah because their style wasn’t something I could really identify with. So I thought about celebrity bloggers and I immediately knew who my choice was.



   9448461554_0918f9d66c_c 9905415036_abfa2558be_z

10411769006_e541b8ca8e_c 9407899969_ef1c09dffd_h

I don’t think I will ever really forget the night that I discovered plus size bloggers, I had come home one night after college and was trudging through the internet on my laptop. I somehow came across a few blogs who had links on their blogrolls that included Plus Size bloggers. I know it sounds ridiculous, but my world totally changed. Up until that moment I felt totally alone. I felt like as a fat woman it was totally impossible to be interested in fashion and style and then I found 3 women. Nicolette Mason, Gabi Fresh and Jay Miranda.

I must have spent hours and hours just trolling through their blogs; they had opened up a whole world that I didn’t even know existed, a world where trends didn’t end at a size 14. They were role models for me; they had impeccable style and didn’t have to be some skinny minny to do it. And they blogged about it! They had this enviable confidence and sexiness that I never knew was possible for a girl of my size and all I remember was just crying. Tears, big ugly tears, streamed down my face in a big avalanche of emotion. For the first time in a long time I felt understood and appreciated. These women lead normal lives, they had jobs, they had partners and their weight and their size didn’t hold them back. They wore sequins and prints and miniskirts and sleeveless tops and they lived in New York and LA and they looked incredible.

My whole outlook changed from that night and now looking back I can’t even believe that how low my confidence was and how much I thought my weight was going to negatively impact the rest of my life. No longer was I going to be some fat girl who had to settle for second best, I could be the stylish, fashion driven woman I had always wanted.



DSC_0597 DSC_0599

SO if we rewind about 500 paragraphs we come  back to Celebrity Copycat and really, after realising I wanted to speak about a blogger I knew it had to be Nicolette Mason. She was definitely one of the very first blogs I followed all those years ago and I still check her site numerous times a week. She is an exceptionally dressed woman and I envy pretty much every item of clothing she owns, and that adorable pug she owns too!

Nicolette is the queen of kitschy prints, she is not afraid of pink or a good skater skirt and her accessories and jewellery is always amazing. She isn’t afraid of mixing designer pieces with basics she plucked off ASOS or high street stores and she calls leopard print a neutral, we are practically soul sisters.

So I would like to think that I am doing my best Nicolette Mason impression this week, bouncy curls – Check! Fab handbag – Check! Statement pout – Check!

What I Wore:

Tartan Top: ASOS – $35 on sale
Skater Skirt: ASOS – $49.95
Sunglasses: Sportsgirl – $39.95
Necklace: Sportsgirl – $2.95 on sale
Handbag: Witchery – $50 on sale
Belt: Valleygirl – $9.95
Shoes: Rubi – $29.95






I’ve been working quite a lot recently, which is good for the bank account, but not so good for my shopping addiction, which is actually also pretty good for my bank account, but hey, not the point I’m going for here.

I’ve been relegated to mainly online shopping, I’m pretty sure I’m ASOS’ favourite customer at the moment, but the vintage lover in me has been calling out for a good opshopping trip but I just haven’t had the chance. Along with the fact i’m still pretty uncertain where the good op shops in Melbourne are (feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section please!) my little vintage heart is crying out.



DSC_0507     DSC_0505

I started trawling the internet for quality online vintage stores, and after not finding too much, ie: only really finding places that stocked sizes 6-10 or that were wildly overpriced, I started to look at overseas stores that offered competitive shipping to Australia.

I stumbled upon Brag Vintage, a store that operates out of Yorkshire in the UK, and their range is HUGE. As a shopper who likes to browse the mens section as well as the ladies (hey who can pass up a great band tee or denim jacket?) Brag offers HUNDREDS of items, I spend nearly an hour browsing all the categories before deciding on this printed button up.




I’m still getting used to wearing red with my red hair, and I’m still kind of undecided on the verdict, but I do love this great floral print and I love that its on a red background rather than the usual black or white. Plus, it was only £16 plus £8.50 shipping which is equal or better than a lot of online stores.
**COUGH Forever 21 COUGH**

ANYWHO, I know i’ve probably said it 100 times on this blog recently but i’m craving the Spring and its warming sun but unfortunately Melbourne’s icy winter just isn’t quite giving up yet. I’m definitely planning on rocking a lot of these outfits once the sun appears again, I just love the idea of tying a good button up over a sundress, nice easy dressing, what Summer is all about.



Not gonna lie, the title of this blog post isn’t purely based on the colour of shirt. After seeing the incredible and all round awesome Tavi Gevinson talk at the Anthenaeum Theatre in Melbourne on Friday night, I’ve been slightly obsessed with Taylor Swift. Tavi spoke a lot about the idea of ‘fangirling’ and loving something that others think its totally lame is totally fine and awesome, so I like to think I have Tavi’s seal of approval on this one.

What I Wore:

Printed Top: Brag Vintage – £16
White Sundress: Tree of Life – $55
Bag: Mimco – $79.95 on sale
Shoes: Target – $20




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